Own Your Own Business

One of the major benefits of franchising with Merry Maids is that you have the freedom and flexibility to run your own business and the opportunity to be a highly successful entrepreneur, with the back-up of a large professional franchisor.

Home Office Support and "Buddy System"

Merry Maids franchise owners benefit from the experience and expertise of the Home Office personnel, who are available by phone, e-mail and office visits. This support is enhanced through the Merry Maids mentoring program "Buddy System" through which established Merry Maids franchise owners in neighbouring territories are selected to monitor and counsel new franchisees.

Ongoing Training and Support

No one in the home cleaning business offers the variety and scope of ongoing assistance and support you receive from Merry Maids. As a Merry Maids franchise owner, you have the opportunity to learn and share through many different venues including:

  • Intranet website
  • Franchise share board
  • Regional meetings
  • Products / system development
  • Invitational conferences
  • Specialized regional training programs
  • Advanced Performance training programs
  • MMConnect training / development database
  • Annual International convention
  • Newsletters
  • Email info blasts
  • Budget development
  • Benchmarking
  • Key indicator rankings
Proprietary Software

The Merry Maids Customer Information System (MM360) is user-friendly, proprietary software created by Merry Maids that completely integrates all facets of your house cleaning business franchise operation. Our franchise owners report that MM360 frees them to grow their businesses because it takes care of the mundane, day-to-day office operations.The Merry Maids MM360 streamlines routine operational procedures and provides continually updated information to assist and enhance your management process. In addition a QuickBooks accounting and payroll system is included. You control and build your house cleaning business with dedicated key functions such as scheduling, payroll, bookkeeping/accounting, taxes and goal setting. Key operating data is relayed to the Home Office so that Merry Maids support personnel can assist you in developing your business.

Merry Maids also supplies franchise owners with a customized web portal where they receive online leads, have access to a knowledge base of training questions and answers developed over 35 years and can input questions for corporate staff online.

Merry Maids Intranet

Merry Maids franchise owners' willingness to share their experience contributes significantly to the value of all our programmes. Our proprietary intranet enables franchise owners to interact with Head Office directly, and with other franchise owners in Canada and the United States.

Marketing and Advertising Programs

Merry Maids offers national and local marketing programs. Initial efforts focus on neighbourhood promotional and marketing activities. As the customer base expands, broader marketing programs are implemented to further enhance awareness and sales. These programs have been tested to provide our franchise owners with cost-effective advice and direction.

  • A strategically organized advertising program targets the best potential home cleaning customers. Each campaign generates prospective customers to Merry Maids franchise owners.
  • We make it easier than ever for your customers to find the Merry Maids franchise closest to home. You can customize your branded template page of the website to your specifications and host it on the Merry Maids server. These sites are fully optimized for local search engine technology.
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I must take this opportunity to say how grateful my wife Penny and I are for the very thoughtful and attentive service we receive from Merry Maids. Your service is 'TOPS'.

-Oakville, ON